Lease Takeover

Entire Household looking to vacate – end lease

If your entire household is looking to vacate your lease early, there is a protocol outlined in your lease agreement to do so called “Early Marketing Agreement”.   With this process, once all tenants vacate the property we will seek new tenants to replace the remainder of your lease term.  You will still be responsible for all terms of your lease and any obligations until a suitable replacement can be found.  In addition, there is a fee to complete the early marketing agreement.  Please email us at for additional details or to have the form emailed to you.

One or more roommates are looking to leave and be replaced by another

If one or more other roommates are seeking to leave and be replaced by another roommate, there is a protocol outlined in your lease agreement to do so called “Change of Tenant”.  With this process, the person vacating must complete a “change of tenant” form and have signed by all the roommates.  Once that is done, and the applicable fee paid, a potential new roommate may apply and once processed and approved may sign the form to be added to the lease which will also remove the exiting tenant.   Please note:  YOU CANNOT SUBLET TO ANYONE WITHOUT GOING THROUGH THE PROPER PROCEDURES WHICH INCLUDES OWNER/AGENT WRITTEN PERMISSION.   Please email us at with any questions, or to receive the form.


About Lease Takeovers

Where are the current “Lease Takeovers” advertised?

Early Marketing Agreement leasing is listed on our website which the information is then pushed to other syndicated listing sites.

We do not market “change of tenant” leases, and is up to the current tenants to find suitable replacements.


How long does the application process take?

When all parties communicate well, and we have all the information we ask for, the process takes 3-5 business days.  However, the application process can be delayed significantly by not returning calls or emails, or providing proper documentation promptly.


When can you move in?

On the effective date of the “Change of Tenant” form or the date of your new lease.  You cannot move in to the property until your new lease starts or the effective change of tenant date.


Do you have a pet or did the Outgoing Tenant have a pet?

Call our office to ask if a specific unit allows pets.  If the Outgoing Tenant has a pet, this may not necessarily mean that another pet will be allowed.


Will the rental unit be cleaned?

The Incoming Tenant in a “change of tenant” accepts the unit ‘as-is.’  However, at the end of Lease Term, the Incoming Tenant will be required to vacate the unit in the same condition that the Outgoing Tenant received it in.   In the “early marketing” its treated like a new lease, so the unit will be cleaned to our move-in standards.


What about the security deposit?

The security deposit stays with the unit.  It is up to you and the Outgoing Tenant to negotiate reimbursement.  In the case of an “Early Marketing” security deposits will returned normally based on the last day of your lease.


What happens if I apply to “Takeover” a lease but the Outgoing Tenant changes their mind and decides to stay?

You can only “Takeover” a Lease if the Outgoing Tenant leaves.  The transaction was originated by our tenant and not us, so we do not have any control over a tenant changing their mind.  Marquette Rentals will not reimburse application fees in this occurrence.

Any other questions, please email us at