How to Apply

May and August are the busiest months in the residential rental business in this area.  Unit availability changes rapidly, so we are not always able to tell you if someone has submitted an application before yours.  However, by following the steps below, you can help speed the process of your application and improve the chances of getting the rental you requested.

  • Please submit your application online via the APPLY NOW button.  There is a fee per applicant (per tenant).  If a co-signer is required there will also be paid on our website.  All persons 18 years of age or older must submit an application and pay the application fee.  You cannot put two people on one application, even if they are married.  Credit/debit cards/cash are not accepted for application fees.  The application fee must be paid on-line at the end of your application via ACH debit from your checking or savings account.  All application fees are non-refundable so be sure before applying that you can qualify and the property is still available.   If a property is no longer available, your application can be applied to another property in our available inventory, but the application fee cannot be refunded.


  • An application is considered “incomplete”  for a unit if there is:
    • A missing co-signer form (if applicable)
    • Missing rental references
    • Missing roommate application and/or related co-signer form (if applicable)
    • Missing pet/animal documents (everyone must sign a pet rules form whether they have pets or not here:
    • Incomplete or inaccurate information on the application
    • An illegible application or co-signer form
  • All stated roommates must turn in their applications before the file is considered “complete” and ready for review.
  • Applications are valid for 3 months and may be transferred to any available property in our available inventory, but can only be used on one property at a time.
  • Your application can be used for ANY property in our inventory, not just the one you applied for.

Important to Note

  • Submitting an application does not automatically reserve a unit.
  • If there is an application in line ahead of you and it is approved for the unit, you will be able to transfer your application to another available property.  Your application is good for 3 months.  Application fees are non-refundable for any reason.
  • We process each rental application in the order they are submitted (once packet is complete) and as quickly as possible, but may take 3-7 business days.  In the case of multiple applicants/groups at one time, we will select the most qualified group/applicants.
  • An application may be rejected due to lack of income, poor credit, incomplete or insufficient information, insufficient co-signer, eviction, lack of or negative rental history, criminal record, limited personal and professional references, etc.  Rejected applicants may have a chance to re-apply (i.e. provide a co-signer or correct information), but will lose their place in line for a unit until the new information is provided and reassessed.

Roommates and Cosigners

  • Can I apply by myself and add my roommate later?
    Yes, however, once you are approved, you must pay the entire holding deposit within 24 hours and sign the lease.  If you sign the lease without the other roommate, you will be responsible for the rent and the term of the lease even if the future roommate changes his/her mind.  It is also possible that your roommate will not be approved and you will still be obligated to the lease.  When adding a roommate to a signed lease, the roommate will need to apply through the normal application process. Reminder – All leases are joint and several, meaning all parties are 100% responsible for all obligations. 
  • Does each person in the group need a co-signer?
    If one applicant needs a co-signer, then all may be required to have one unless the co-signer you do have specifically states in writing that they understand and accept that the other applicants do not have one.  It is important for applicants and co-signers to understand that they are all jointly and equally responsible for the unit.  If one roommate does not have a co-signer, but another roommate does, then the person who is co-signing could be responsible for delinquent payments or damages to a unit caused by any/all tenants in the unit.  If each tenant has a co-signer, then all are equally responsible. All students must have a co-signer.
  • Is my co-signer responsible for everyone on the lease?
    All co-signers and applicants are equally and jointly responsible for the terms of the lease.  When tenants, co-signers, and/or guarantors to a lease are jointly and severally liable, the Landlord may collect any or all amounts due from any one of the tenants, co-signers, or guarantors on the lease or various amounts from any combination thereof until all outstanding amounts are paid in full.  In other words, if any of the responsible parties to the lease do not have enough money to pay the amounts owed or are unable to be located or simply are not paying, the Landlord can legally collect from any of the other responsible parties to make up the difference.
  • If I renew my lease, will my cosigner be responsible for the next term?
    Your co-signer will automatically roll to the next term unless you re-apply or you can submit a different co-signer form that is accepted by the owner/agent.
  • When might my co-signer be called?
    Co-signers are not notified regarding approval, so the applicant should contact the co-signer regarding the status of an application.  Co-signers will be called when rent is delinquent, balances are past due, and/or if there are significant lease violations.