Once Approved or Denied

Once your rental application packet has been approved/denied:

  • We will send an email to all applicants within your group with an accept or deny email.
  • If approved, you will then have 24 hours to accept the offer.   If you do not do so within that time frame, we reserve the right to offer it to the next qualified applicant(s).  
  • If you accept the offer and sign the holding fee document, you will then have 24 hours to make a holding fee payment online which is equal to your security deposit/cleaning fee (which is 2x the monthly rent).  THIS IS A PER PROPERTY FEE, NOT PER APPLICANT.  If you do not sign the holding fee form or make payment within 24 hours, we reserve the right to offer it to the next person/group.
  • Once that fee has been paid and clears(which requires a 7 day hold for payment clearing), we will send you the lease electronically.   Only electronic payments (1 payment per group) through the online account or cashiers check will be accepted so for that reason, as soon as you apply, you should start getting your funds together to cover the holding fee to be able to make the payment quickly.
  • Your lease documents will be emailed to you electronically once the payment has cleared. If the lease is not completed/signed by all parties within 24 hours of receiving it, we reserve the right to offer the property to the next qualified applicant(s).  If this happens, or you decline to sign the lease at any point, we will refund your “holding fee” minus the stated non-refundable processing fee.  If the lease is not signed/completed by all parties within 5 days from the time of being sent, and you have not declined the lease via email to info@MQTrentals.com you will forfeit the entire holding fee and the owner/management company is free to seek other interested parties.  No refund will be offered at this point of your holding fee. 
  • Once the lease is signed, you are obligated under the terms of lease in its entirety. A unit is reserved and considered pre-leased only after the holding fee has been paid and the lease has been signed by all parties.
  • First months rent is due 30 days prior to your lease start date. Each subsequent monthly rent is due on the first of each month.  So when you move-in you will have already paid your security deposit/cleaning fee (transferred from the holding fee) and the first months rent.  You will not have to make any payments until the following month for rent.
  • Your total monthly rent shown online includes a $30.00 resident benefit package fee. This fee covers a multitude of benefits including free online payments, 24/7 tenant web access, credit reporting for tenant, and the required liability coverage per your lease agreement, but does not cover tenant content coverage. This fee is per property, not per person.