Please submit your maintenance request by visiting your tenant account page here:

Tenant Login

NOTE: Requests are reviewed Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays.  Because we want to help you as quickly as we can, when submitting a maintenance request, you are waiving the 12 hours notice.  If you have animals, please have them crated or close them in a bedroom for maintenance visit.

Before submitting a maintenance request, please read all information listed below.


For after-hours emergency maintenance, call our office at (906)228-2772 (ext 234) and leave a message.

What is an Emergency?

  • Fire (call 911 first, then call our office at 906-228-2772 ext. 234)
  • Smoke inside unit (call 911 then gas company, then call our office from outside the home)
  • Smelling gas inside unit (call gas company, then call our office)
  • Burst pipe or any water leaks (turn off water to your property, via your main water shut-off valve, then call our office) **location of the main water shut-off is under sink or toilet or in basement, if applicable.
  • Sewage back-up (stop ALL water use, then call our office)
  • No heat, and outside temperature is at or < 50 degrees Fahrenheit (call our office)

Emergency maintenance requests will be addressed as quickly as possible, based on availability of resources such as parts and/or service personnel. Completion of repair may not be the same day!


Anything not listed above is not an emergency. All non-emergency maintenance requests must be in writing through your online tenant web access here:

Save Yourself Money!  Our service fee is $50/hour with a $35.00 minimum

  • Electric problems? Certain electrical problems may be due to a tripped breaker. Always check your breaker box before calling for service. You will be charged for a service call if a tripped breaker is the cause of the problem. Also, check around sinks in kitchens and baths to see if any tripped GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) outlets may be the cause of the problem. Pressing the reset button on these outlets will often restore power to that outlet and those around it. You will be charged for the service call if a tripped GFI outlet is the cause of the problem.
  • Garbage disposal won’t work? Make sure you’ve pushed in the reset button located at the bottom of your unit. You will be charged for the service call if a tripped reset button is the cause of the problem.
  • Smoke detector beeping? Replace the batteries. If the detector continues beeping, submit a maintenance request. You will be charged for the service call if dead or dying batteries are the cause of the problem.
  • No power to dishwasher? Flip any nearby light switches and check the dishwasher again. You will be charged for the service call if a light switch in the incorrect position is the cause of the problem.
  • No heat?  Check to make sure the thermostat is turned to “heat” or “on”.  If digital, make sure the batteries are not dead.  If they are, you need to replace them.  Also, check electrical breaker to make sure the circuit hasn’t been tripped or shut off.    You will be charged for all heat service calls for the above items.
  • Windows – feeling drafty?  Make sure your window is locked!
  • Clogs – sinks, toilets, etc?  Any sink clogs will be charged to the tenant.  For this reason we recommend getting a hair catcher for the tub drain, and a drain snake to remove hair clogs. They can both be purchased at Menards for a couple of dollars.
  • Washer & Dryer not working?  Be sure to not overload! Please check electrical panel to make sure the breaker is not tripped. Be sure to empty the lint trap after EVERY use.
  • Light not working?  Be sure to check the circuit breaker first to see if it tripped.    After that, you should replace the light bulb.    Remember, light bulbs are your responsibility to replace during your tenancy.    We can change them if you would like, but it will be at your expense.    If after changing the bulb(s), checking the circuit breaker, and turning on the switch, the light still doesn’t work, then create a maintenance request.