Choosing a Home

Finding the perfect place to live is an important event in our lives.  Everyone has different needs.  Doing your research will help you make the best choice possible.  Marquette Rentals represents the largest portfolio of properties in the area offering many options including studio, 1-4 bedroom apartments, to townhomes, single family homes and condos.  We also offer furnished month-month rentals and weekly vacation rentals.

Steps to help you find a home

  • Browse Our Website: You will be able to filter properties based on available now, coming soon in the next 4-6 months, or currently rented (but may be available at a future date).  You can also filter by # of bedrooms required and pet friendly.  Once you’ve narrowed your search down a bit, you can view all specific unit information by clicking the “details” section on each property where you’ll find the most up to date information including photographs and 3D tours of that particular property. Be clear of what your needs are regarding price, location, availability date, amenities, allowance of pets, and more.  Please note that some rental pictures/videos may represent a sample of the unit in a particular building but may not reflect specific details of a particular apartment.
  • 3D Tours: almost all of our properties have a 3D tour that you can view to walkthrough the property prior to scheduling an in person showing.  This is the quickest way to narrow down your search from a group of properties.   We require you view the 3D tour of any property before scheduling an in-person showing.  **Note – due to current Covid restrictions – all showings are via virtual tours through zoom.  You can also view the 3D tours yourself online on our website for each property.  Once you have applied for the property and are approved, we will then schedule an in-person showing.**
  • Drive by the Property: after you have viewed the pictures/3D tour and narrowed down your search, drive by the properties you like to see if they meets your needs.
  • Confirm Availability: rentals can fill quickly, especially in a tight market. Email us for specific availability. We update our website every 1-2 weeks on average. 
  • Review these Forms: applicant screening criteria, rules/regulations below and the deposit information, to determine if you are able to fulfill all the requirements. Processing your application will be delayed or you may lose your place in line if you do not properly qualify or there is a delay in us receiving all required documents from all parties.
  • In person showings: schedule an appointment to view the unit by clicking on the details section of each property and then click on “schedule a showing” where you will be prompted to select a showing date/time and complete a pre-showing questionaire.  Please make sure to view the “details” section of any property you’d like to see to make sure you have the most up-to-date information about the specific property.  Be sure to bring all decision makers (roommates, significant others, parents, etc.) to see the property. Though you are not required to view a unit before applying, you must see the unit before moving in either in person or via the 3D tour/pictures.  **Note – due to current Covid restrictions – all showings are via virtual tours through zoom.  You can also view the 3D tours yourself online on our website for each property.  Once you have applied for the property and are approved, we will then schedule an in-person showing.**


When your application is received:

  • Be prepared to pay a holding fee and sign your lease once your application/group has been approved. Once approved, you have only 24 hours to pay the holding fee to secure the unit (equal to 2x the monthly rent).  For this reason, it is critical that you get your holding fee money together once you have applied.  Don’t wait for us to approve your application as you may miss out on the opportunity to get the property.  Typically it takes 1-3 business days to process your application once all applicants/documents have been completed.
    • Until all co-signer forms, roommate applications, pet applications/confirmation of rules, and any other associated documents are turned in,  and all application/cosigner fees paid, you are not considered “In Line” for the unit.
  • Once ALL the information for the person(s) in turned in, an agent will review all rental information, credit, employment, background and other data to determine your eligibility. A lease agreement will be emailed to all tenants once the holding fee has been paid and cleared (after a 7 day business hold for payment to clear) and must be signed by all tenants within 24 hours of receiving the lease or we reserve to right to offer the property to another party.
  • Marquette Rentals selections will be based on those that are most qualified. 


Marquette Rentals – frequently asked about policies:


  • All vehicles must be registered with Marquette Rentals (requires a copy of vehicle registration) and will be required to have a parking tag issued from our office to park on the property at any time.
  • Marquette Rentals or the property owners does not provide guest parking.  Any cars not registered will be towed at owners expense.
  • Parking spaces are free unless you are renting a garage or covered parking sport.  Some rare exclusions may apply as noted on your lease agreement.

Smoking/Marijuana (Zero Tolerance Policy)

  • No Smoking or marijuana possession of any kind is permitted on the property for any reason. Some units have designated smoking areas, but marijuana is not allowed under any circumstances at any time.  You will be fined and evicted should this occur.  We have a ZERO TOLERANCE smoking, drug policy.

Lease Length

  • Most leases are 12-months.  Some Short Term unfurnished properties may be available under the “short term” section. We do offer furnished Month-Month and Vacation Rentals (VRBO) options.


Not all Marquette Rentals units/buildings are pet friendly, and accommodation for animals is subject to change without notice.  If approved, a NON-REFUNDABLE pet fee will be due before you can move in, along with a signed “Pet Addendum” form.

  • Please review our online pet policy (under qualifications)
  • We will require a picture of the pet, proof of current vaccination (cats and dogs), and proof of licensing with the County of Marquette (cats and dogs).
  • All animals must be registered and approved through
  • Cats must be kept indoors at all times.
  • We permit only 1 pet per unit, when a pet is allowed.  On a case-by-case basis, 2 pets may be allowed with applicable pet fees.
  • Where allowed, there are some age/breed/size restrictions for dogs and cats. Please inquire before applying.
  • Small-aquarium fish are permitted (not to exceed 1 gallon) with written permission.  Anything over one gallon tank will need permission from the owner/agent in writing.   Additional pet fees may apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is my security deposit + cleaning fee: security deposit + cleaning fee is equal to two times the monthly rent (PER PROPERTY, not per person). Once you take occupancy, your holding fee will be applied towards your security deposit/cleaning fee so no additional money will be due to those obligations.
  • Can we split the holding fee so we can pay individually.  NO, your lease is joint and several, this means we can only accept one payment for this fee.  Please be sure to pool your money together so one person can make the payment online from their checking or savings account within 24 hours of being accepted.   Please note, if you wait to pool your money together until you are approved, you bank may place a holding on your payment of up to 7-10 days.  For this reason, you should not wait to pool your money, make sure to put it together as soon as you apply.
  • How much is the application fee:  $60 application fee (per tenant) is due with each application for any one over the age of 18 who is going to be living at the property.  Fees are subject to change at anytime for applications without notice.
  • Does the property allow pets:  If the property allows pets, it will provide that information in the “details” section of each property or indicated by a dog symbol or cat symbol on the filtered page.  Please see “application qualifications” section for more information on steps to allowing pets.
  • Can we add additional people on the lease later:  Yes, you can add additional roommates later if allowed.  For example, you can rent a 4 bedroom home with only 3 roommates and look for an additional roommate to add later.
  • How much is the holding fee: the holding fee is the combined total of the security deposit and cleaning fee (2x the monthly rent).  See above
  • Can I renew my lease:  lease renewals are offered to tenants in good standing.  Lease renewals are typically for another year and not available on the Month to Month basis.
  • What does a Joint and Several Lease mean:  joint and several means that each tenant is jointly AND separately responsible for the entire rent amount, any other lease obligations and for any damages.
  • What is a Resident Benefit Package:  Each month you are charged a $30.00 resident benefit package fee in addition to your monthly rent.  This fee covers a multitude of benefits including free online payments, 24/7 tenant web access, credit reporting, and the required $100,000 liability coverage per your lease agreement, but does not cover tenant content coverage. This fee is per property, not per person.  This package saves you a great deal of money as you are not required to pay for online payments or liability tenant insurance on your own.